A system tailored to the customer’s needs SteraMist™

  1. Our disinfection system can be installed according to the characterization and consideration of the customer’s needs. The SteraMist™ system can be operated in a permanent installation in any facility, room, or area in order to disinfect and purify the spaces and the local volume.
  2. Our system consists of several end spray units installed in the room. All units are connected directly to the central operating unit which is located outside the room. The programmable controller (PLC) interfaces with the building’s air conditioning system in order to purify the room and isolate it when necessary.
  3. The system enables effective disinfection of the space in a very short time.


Additional information

  • Protection by two levels of security passwords and visual indicators.
  • Can be installed during the construction of the room and/or in a builder’s room and adapted to the customer for easy use.
  • Data on purification processes can be downloaded.
  • Measuring the spray rate in real time ensures spray volume as planned.
  • It is possible to develop a complete system to handle several rooms with different specifications, with remote control through one central interface.