Proof of Efficacy

Innovative enzymatic validation produced by Protak, UK: a fast and accurate method for assessing performance of disinfection and instant measuring of the effectiveness/efficacy of disinfection. Protak is a path-breaking company that develops and markets enzymatic indicators (EIs) based on measuring light reaction omitted from activated connection between the enzymes and luciferases. In-activation of this bond enable us to measure quantitively the performed disinfection process on the spot: it only takes one minute!

Advantages of using EI:

  •  Instant results! Instant results lead to improved efficacy, lower costs and, most importantly, saving lives.
  •  Collection of accurate and reliable data – the system enables a linear reading that can be quantified, providing more data compared to the use of traditional biological indicators.
  •  Precise data collection – EI readers provide quantifiable linear readings that can operate as early warning systems that enable monitoring performance and automatic data collection.
  • Simple and convenient to use – the strips are entered into a luminometer device for reading and produce instant results.
  •  Guaranteed results – results are provided as quantitative data and are therefore more accurate and efficient than the use of “traditional” biological indicators.