SteraMist ™ environmental disinfection system for spaces

  1. Independent disinfection system.
  2. There is no need for special organization or arrangement of the room before performing the disinfection.
  3. Disinfection has no harmful effect on most materials. Tested on 39 materials such as: metal, wood, rubber, plastic, and many others.
  4. A disinfection system that allows full application for disinfection of organisms, corona virus and more.
  5. A system that combines several systems that can work simultaneously and treat more quickly and in larger areas.
  6. The disinfection of the organisms in the system is achieved by converting 7.8% H2O2 into hydroxyl radicals that destroy bacteria or viruses in a quick contact of 5 seconds.
  7. The system can be used as a fogger for a room or a full area or as a manual spray for spot spraying.
  8.  Digital Legend Interface (PLC).
  9. Power button and remote control power off button.
  10.  Two levels of security – protected secret code.
  11. The system allows the calculation of an automatic dose in the spray to obtain an optimal concentration.
  12.  Can treat an area of ​​104 M3 in 75 minutes.
  13. Very fast and accurate performance in disinfecting rooms or large spaces.
  14. Automatic ventilation cycle starting after dwell time is reached.
  15. The ventilation time of the room or space can be shortened significantly with the help of an air blower (optional).
  16. Ability to store registered parameters.
  17. Ability to run procedure data.
  18. Full warranty for one year.
  19. 24 hours a day of technical support services.
  20.  After disinfection you can “smell the cleanliness”.