SteraMist™ disinfectant spray system

  1. Precise manual application of the disinfection method
  2.  Reaches hard-to-reach areas and every corner of the room space
  3.  Device on wheels, lightweight, and completely mobile
  4.  Disinfects organisms by converting 7.8% H²O² into radical hydroxyls that kill on contact
  5.  No need to turn off the HVAC ventilation and A/C systems or to ventilate the room
  6.  Direct application, 5 seconds per 1 square meter
  7.  Attains the highest level of pathogen eradication
  8.  Unaffected by temperature and relative humidity
  9.  Full one-year warranty
  10.  Technical support 24/7
  11. You can “smell the cleanliness” following disinfection