Air conditioning duct disinfection and cleaning

Air-conditioning systems are a potentially abundant source and fertile ground for the spawning of biological infections such as mold, fungi and bacteria that may cause high malignancy and even endanger lives, particularly among people with a weak immune system.

Constant and prolonged contamination in buildings often derives from the A/C system, which generates high humidity in the A/C ducts leading to layers of mold, fungi and spores that are then carried in the air and continually spread throughout the building spaces.

Due to the temperature difference between the chilling battery installed in the internal air-conditioning unit and the hot, humid air that characterizes summer months, moisture is condensed. When the hot air passes through the cold duct, a process of water vapor condensation occurs, transforming the air into drops of water on the battery. From there, the drops fall onto a metal tray at the bottom of the unit, leading into a drain opening and from there are channeled outside the building. Due to this process, the air-conditioner’s batteries are in a constant state of high humidity and moisture that provide fertile ground for the spawning of many biological contaminants that are spread through the A/C ducts into the room space.

Moisture in the air-conditioning system occurs in many buildings and facilities, leading to constant biological contamination including mold and bacteria in the air-conditioning systems and ducts.

Only after precise assessment and treatment of the A/C systems and ducts will the air-conditioning system’s cleaning and disinfection treatment effectively prevent recurrence of the infection-engendering phenomenon.

Use of Clean-Bit technology provides internal documentation of the A/C ducts, assessment of the source and severity of the problem, and cleaning of all air-conditioning system components, disinfection and validation of the disinfection level.

Clean-Bit Co. air-conditioning duct cleaning and disinfection process

  •  Preliminary photos/images inside the A/C system
  •  Characterization of the building and the A/C ducts
  •  Inspection and sampling from the area
  •  Mechanical cleaning
    SteraMist™ binary ionization technology and disinfection
  •  Produces a summary report
  •  Advantages of cleaning and disinfecting A/C ducts using Clean-Bit technology
  •  Provides characterization and execution of a thorough and comprehensive solution to the continual contamination problem, eradicates and removes bacteria, fungi and yeast, thereby significantly improving air quality in the building.
  •  Decreases the levels of respiratory contamination and morbidity, prevents respiratory and viral diseases
  •  Increases the efficiency of the A/C system and extends its life
  •  Professional disinfection adapted for A/C ducts, does not damage or cause corrosion.



Comprehensive treatment of A/C systems using Clean-Bit technology and SteraMist™ disinfection with binary ionization technology can be used as a solution for acute contamination in the buildings as well as preventative maintenance treatment