Coronavirus – background, data, symptoms, and means of treatment and prevention

First of all, let’s begin with the fact that Clean-Bit Company is always available to provide information to anyone who inquires and wants to know what can be done and what are the most effective means of prevention.

The coronavirus is a “relative” of SARS and MERS type viruses and therefore it is being approached using treatment and prevention methods similar to those of the flu.

According to official data published by the World Health Organization (WHO) that declared an international emergency situation, as of today (31/1/2020) the number of those infected is over 7,800 and 170 dead.


The coronavirus originates from bats. Therefore, all those who came in direct contact with these bats in the Chinese food market were directly infected with the virus. At first, it was mainly the stall owners, who infected their surroundings. The moment they arrived in the hospital with the virus, they initially infected the medical staff and their relatives causing the virus to spread quickly. Currently, the districts known to be infected with the disease are shut-down and no one can enter or exit them.

We now know that the virus crossed China’s borders with the ‘help’ of tourists, businessmen, air and ship crews and anyone, such as the local labor force, that passed through airports. Airports worldwide have the highest likelihood for transmitting the virus from one person to another. So, using the advanced instruments installed in airports, the body temperature of passengers arriving and departing from Israel is measured, and those with an above-average temperature are taken directly to isolation for further testing.

General Figures

First of all, it is important to know that the virus can “incubate” in your body for 14 days before the symptoms appear without your being aware of it. The important fact in this information is that carriers of the virus can spread the disease just like those who already exhibit symptoms.

When the virus is in the body (even in incubation), the carrier can infect the people around him even though his symptoms may break out 14 days after the virus has settled in the body. We must therefore be aware and attentive to our body.

As of today (29/1/2020) additional cases have been diagnosed in France (3 patients), Germany (1), USA (5 patients). It has not been diagnosed with certainty in Israel but there are two patients in quarantine in two different local hospitals. For updated information (on a daily basis)

The coronavirus is a new virus genetically speaking and thus information about it is limited, and it is difficult to know what quantity of viruses in a given volume of air could lead to infection. The virus has undergone multiple mutations.

Influenza A virus, with a similar viral structure, survives on surfaces at room temperature up to 48 hours. Therefore, one can safely say that the corona virus, too, might remain on surfaces for a limited number of days. The virus can survive on surfaces. The data in the existing literature relating to SARS and MARS refers, of course, to temperature-dependent resistance: 5 days at 20 degrees centigrade, 28 days at 4 degrees centigrade, up to 3 hours at 56 degrees centigrade.

If the virus carrier sneezed or coughed near a table/wall/chair and sprayed “droplets”, the virus will survive in that environment depending on the size of these droplets.


As in all flu viruses

  •  Fever
  •  Coughing
  •  Shortness of breath


We are now able to diagnose it accurately, as it is easily detected. Any lab can tell within an hour if it is this specific virus. Therefore, if anyone in your workplace has the disease, or if any employees have returned from overseas, we recommend that you immediately publish preventative instructions in order to prevent further contagion.

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Treatment and prevention according to CDC guidelines

As mentioned above, like the flu virus with respiratory symptoms, there is no medication that can cure the disease. It is not bacterial but viral, and therefore it is treated in the same way as the flu virus. However, the most important thing is prevention. We must do everything possible to prevent contagion by:

Disinfection and sanitization of a suspected environment in which virus carriers or suspected carriers have been. Surface disinfection using authorized technologies

  • Wash hands thoroughly including under fingernails
  •  Very important – don’t go to crowded places
  •  Measure body temperature particularly for those planning an overseas trip in the near future.
  •  Instruct employees on the topic of hygiene and preventing disease in the workplace. If body temperature rises, do not wait, get tested immediately. Remember, early detection prevents infecting the environment.


Clean-Bit’s technology is an efficient tool for eradication of a viral disease outbursts such as the coronavirus. The technology is extremely effective in the disinfection of viruses with or without membranes. The technology is used as a first line of defense against outbursts of viral pandemics such as influenza A, Ebola and corona.