Disinfection in the food industry

For whom is the service designated?

  •  Production lines
  •  Food processing plants
  •  Hatcheries
  •  Restaurants / Dining halls
  •  Clean rooms
  • Dairies
  •  Warehouses
  •  Slaughterhouses
  •  Chicken coops and cow sheds
  •  Offices
  •  Refrigeration rooms
  •  Food shipping

BIT technology disinfection

  •  BIT technology uses a low concentration of peroxide (7.8%) converted while passing through a cold plasma arc into a cloud of hydroxyl (OH) radicals.
  •  The technology destroys bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi with great efficiency and without leaving traces and residues except for moisture and oxygen.
  • Effective technology for disinfecting storage facilities and production lines since the disinfectant is not toxic for human beings, does not leave traces and is able to disinfect surfaces, spaces, instruments, technical equipment and more.
  •  Efficient reduction in common pathogens such as salmonella, e-coli, e-coli O, listeria, aerobic bacterial counts, molds, yeast, Enterobacteria etc.
  •  The technology was tested on 42 different fungi and molds, including trichophyton, aspergillus, Cladosporium, and was proven effective.
  •  The technology is very effective in disinfecting bacillus subtilis spores that can withstand most heat and PH treatments used for disinfecting many types of products and extending their shelf life.
  •  Clean Bit’s technology, based on the SteraMist™ device, is specified on the EPA K* list (disinfection of clostridium spores) and recommended for use against the most durable species of yeast and mold.
  •  The disinfection operation is very short, simple, modular and suited to be combined with existing work protocols.
  •  The technology upholds all requirements of standard 1944 as well as all regulations and guidelines regarding contact with food 40-400 issued by the National Food Service.

Industrial disinfection – advantages

  • Disinfection operation time is minimal and extremely short
  •  Disinfects in all conditions without dependence on a certain temperature or humidity
  •  The technology is protected by iHP® patent by the U.S. DARPA organization
  •  The technology is safe for use on a wide range of 39 different materials including iron, wood, plastic, rubber etc.
  •  Safe for use on all electronic and medical equipment
  •  Quick disinfection and eradication of a wide range of organisms and pathogens (within 7 seconds of contact)
  •  Leaves no toxic waste or chemicals following the disinfection process
  •  Simple and quick application following short training provided by Clean Bit Company
  •  Use of biological indicators for validation and testing, providing results within minutes
  •  Any surface, area or space can be disinfected
  •  Complete infection prevention service including risk assessment, procedures, work methods, and a detailed final report
  •  Low costs, which save time and manpower
  •  Low and extremely marginal electricity costs
  •  Does not endanger the operator
  •  Effective decrease of common pathogens including salmonella, e-coli, e-coli O, Listeria, pseudomonas, staphylococcus, aureus, enterobacter sp, molds, yeast etc.

EPA registration on G, K, L, M lists

  •  A solution and technology combination listed on EPA
  •  BIT technology passed a considerable number of trials held under the highest GLP standards in independent laboratories
  •  H²O² solution using binary ionization technology
  •  Disinfectant that effectively disinfects large surfaces
  •  Passed a large battery of tests in independent labs in to confirm that it upholds the highest GLP standards
  •  Upholds EPA and FDA standards including quality and efficacy tests
  •  Destroys 99.99% of salmonella enterica
  •  Technology placed on the EPA K-list and recommended by the U.S. CDC (Center for Disease Control) for treatment and disinfection of resistant yeast spores including candida and others