Does the world need Alexander Fleming again?

One of the challenges hospitals have to deal with is mold.
If we look back in time, 90 years ago human beings, and animals too, were excited after learning that Alexander Fleming had discovered penicillin, a powerful antibiotic that could deal with most germs and infections in the living body – ours and that of animals. Indeed, somewhere in London on a petri dish, Fleming realized that a germ without bacteria was developing around the mold fungus.

However, over the years, the mold developed a stronger and more deadly strain that resists Fleming’s discovery and is even resistant to the antibiotics used in hospitals.

The aspergillosis mold is among the deadliest in hospitals (thankfully, not all aspergillus species cause illness). When the spaces and corners in the hospital are not kept completely dry and humidity increases, the risk of mold appearing rises with it.

The risk to human lives intensifies when a patient with a weak immune system or pneumonia gets near a mold. The combination of weak immune system and mold fungi can lead to diseases which a weak body has difficulty coping with.

In 2018, an infection of the aspergillus niger mold was found in six patients in the Seattle Children’s Hospital, and one of them died from the infection that year. As a result, in May of 2019, 14 operating rooms were shut down in the hospital and were only opened recently after undergoing disinfection and total eradication of the mold with the SteraMistTM binary ionization technology (BIT) and installation of new air-conditioning ducts.

The mold is also liable to attack and infiltrate our body, causing chronic sinus disease. We usually attribute this phenomenon to allergies, but it can cause severe complications. It may be particularly severe in the case of a patient with asthma or cystic fibrosis. In extreme cases, inhaling its spores can carry them into the lungs and cause irreversible infection and harm. Furthermore, when the mold attacks a patient hospitalized following surgery or implantation, it can rapidly lead to a serious life-threatening situation.

How can we cope with them?

  •  In general, it is wiser to take preventative measures before the virus and bacteria appear. In the case of the aspergillus mold, it is extremely difficult to avoid inhaling its spores since it is extremely common.
  • Long-lasting disinfection and eradication of germs using advanced technologies
  •  It is important to disinfect all open wounds to prevent infection and infiltration of dust particles carrying these spores
  •  Patients after implantation are treated with medication that prevents infection and contamination caused by the fungi


Clean-Bit Co. is at your disposal with cutting-edge environmental solutions that provide effective disinfection and cleansing of antibiotic resistant infections and bacteria.

The SteraMistTM system manufactured by TOMI is a cutting-edge disinfection system that destroys germ cells and other pathogens. SteraMistTM technology was developed by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for the U.S. military during the anthrax attack in the 2000s and has recently been introduced to the private sector in the USA and is now coming to Israel and the Middle East.

Clean-Bit Co. technology has proven log6 plus disinfection efficacy against pathogens (viruses, fungi and resistant bacteria).

The disinfection method relies on the binary ionization technology (BIT) principle based on 7.8% hydrogen peroxide, is environmentally friendly and adapted to medical and technological equipment and many other types of materials. Disinfection is easy to operate, very simple and fast, does not cause corrosion, and is suitable for closed spaces, surfaces and hard-to-reach places.

  •  Disinfection of spaces in hospitals and medical institutions
  •  Disinfection in the food industry
  •  Public transportation
  •  High-tech and clean rooms
  •  Research laboratories
  •  Air-conditioning duct disinfection and cleaning
  •  Residential and commercial buildings
  •  Educational institutions and kindergartens
  •  Biological recovery
  •  Police and fire departments
  •  Sports and athletic equipment and facilities


Clean-Bit Company – the exclusive distributor of this technology in Israel

In 2018 the technology was registered by the FDA.

In 2019 it obtained the Israeli Ministry of Health permit for medical devices and instruments.