Research laboratories

Research laboratories are by nature a place where caution must be taken when working with pathogens that may endanger the researcher and the conduct of the research. Every laboratory worker will be able to tell (at least once) about an experiment that had to be started from the beginning because it was contaminated.

The Clean Beat company provides disinfection and purification services to research laboratories and clean rooms while maintaining the sensitive equipment very efficiently and quickly so that the laboratory can return to its normal routine.

Over the past few months, we have been called, more than once, to carry out disinfections in the laboratories for corona tests in the various health funds and in the private institutes that perform the tests – and the results were excellent! Disinfection was carried out in all laboratory facilities: hoods, centrifuges, PCR devices, work surfaces, etc. The contamination was destroyed and these important laboratories returned to a normal work routine without contamination of the sensitive equipment and without fear on the part of the laboratory workers.