The SteraMist™ solution contains no toxic chemicals that cause corrosion and endanger the environment or the user. Furthermore, the treated area does not require prior preparation and, in case of exposure, the staff’s health is not harmed.

This powerful technology strictly upholds the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, and the products’ performance is supported by efficiency data based on GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) Studies.
SteraMist™ is a pathogen disinfection system with an especially effective dual-stage patent using 7.8% peroxide as its only active ingredient. The SteraMist™ pathogen disinfection method creates an ionized hydrogen peroxide aerosol that may/can be observed in the form of moisture or mist that excels in disinfecting a wide range of spaces and surfaces including medical institutions, biotechnology laboratories, biological epidemics/pandemics, in food and environmental applications. This unique product provides regular protection as either a stronghold or a response to outbreaks and emergencies in which the enzyme load must be eradicated.

SteraMist™ leaves no residues besides humidity and oxygen, rendering it ecofriendly and safe to use on all electronical and technological equipment. SteraMist TM can be used on computers, monitors, smartphones, imaging equipment and other sensitive gear.

In 2015, the SteraMist™ technology and solution received EPA approval, including MRSA, C.diff, Klebsiella, Cirtrobacter, CRE, VRE and H1N1 spores. In 2018, the technology was registered by the FDA and in 2019, it was granted the medical devices and instruments permit by the Israeli Ministry of Health. Moreover, Binary Ionization Technology (BIT) may/can be found on the EPA G, L, K and M lists.

Furthermore, the technology has been certified for EPA list N, recommended for sars-cov2 disinfection and also for the EPA’s Emerging Viral Pathogens indication, making it one of the best COVID19 Environmental Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI’s) in the market.

How the Technology Works

The electric plasma arc, through which the SteraMist™ solution passes as a cloud of vapor, causes the double H₂O₂ molecule tie/bond to break down while crossing the electric plasma, generating active ionized radicals of OH hydroxyl that destroy each and every cell.

Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (AiHP) is a strong oxidizer that destroys proteins, fats and carbohydrates by puncturing the cell membrane of viruses, spores, bacteria and fungi, thus destroying their biological ability and resulting in the destruction of the cell within up to 7 seconds from the moment of contact.
The byproducts of this process are moisture and oxygen that are not harmful to the environment and make the process extremely fast and safe.

In this way, the iHP (ionized mist) process acts to overcome all the infectious/ contagious challenges that occur in critical environments in a way that is quicker/ faster than all other technologies, without caustic byproducts or chemical residues.
When the free radical molecules come in contact with the cell membrane, they oxidize the fats it contains and damage its structure. Besides destroying the cell membrane by oxidizing the fats from which it is comprised, the hydroxyl radicals alter protein activity within the cell and split the cells’ DNA coils, thereby damaging the action of cellular replication. This damages the bacteria ultimately resulting in the destruction of the cell!

Cold plasma arc produces high disinfection capability

It destroys infection on contact by using a solution based only/solely on 7.8% peroxide!
Breaking the H₂O₂ bond creates reactive oxygen forms, mainly ROS hydroxyl radicals.
Disinfection on 6 scales/dimensions is obtained not by using a high concentration but by the power of the radical ionization.

Extremely short neutralization times that ensure a rapid return to routine!
A loaded drop is operated immediately after the solution passes through the cold plasma arc.
It generates drop mist (0.5-3 microns) containing the hydroxyl radicals and behaves like a cloud of gas coming in contact with all surfaces in the space.

Technological advantages of SteraMist™

  • Disinfection operation time is minimal and extremely short
  • No need to prepare the room in advance
  • Disinfects in all conditions without depending on a certain temperature or humidity
  • The technology is protected by patent iHP® issued by DARPA (the American Defense Agency)
  • The technology is safe for use on a wide range of 39 different substances/materials including iron, wood, plastic, rubber etc.
  • Safe for use on all electronic and medical equipment
  • Quick disinfection and destruction/annihilation of a wide array of organisms and pathogens within 7 seconds of coming in contact
  • Free of toxic waste for the environment, the patient or the medical team following the disinfection process
  • Implemented by assistant staff following short training provided by Clean Bit Co.
  • Use of biological indicators for validation and testing, providing results within minutes
  • Any surface, area or space may be disinfected
  • Complete infection prevention service including risk assessment, procedures, declaration of work methods, detailed final report, validation option
  • SteraMist™ is a visible spray that spreads/disseminates like a gas
  • Low costs, by saving time and human resources |OR| manpower
  • Non-harmful residues (oxygen and water only = moisture)
  • After disinfection “you can smell the cleanliness…”
  • Prevents the use of toxic chemicals
  • Does not endanger the operator
  • Low and extremely marginal electricity costs