The antibacterial coating technology Clean Guard 365

What is Clean Guard 365?

A layer of protection for surfaces, fabrics and polymers against a wide variety of pathogens (molds, fungi, bacteria, etc.) with a high efficiency of 99.99% and durability for a year!

The antibacterial coating technology is intended for use in a wide variety of industries, from hospitals and clinics, ministers, waiting rooms, hi-tech companies, customer service centers, trains and buses, hotels and B&Bs, laundries, kindergartens and much more.

How does the Clean Guard 365 antibacterial coating technology work:
The antibacterial coating technology is applied by spraying and wiping the material over the intended surface until a smooth surface is obtained. In about three minutes, the coating dries and becomes active in destroying pathogens that are attracted to it.

The chemical principle: the coating is built from chemical bonds between an organo-silane molecule and positively charged nitrogen. The organosilane molecule is bound to the surface by a covalent bond (which does not allow its displacement or removal above the surface). A positively charged nitrogen molecule (N+) is attached to the organosilane molecule and a chain of other molecules simulating a microscopic sword blade that attracts the pathogens with the negative charge found in their cell envelope. In the very contact with the chain of molecules, the cell envelope is broken and the pathogen is destroyed. The destruction of the cell is carried out mechanically, therefore there is no damage to the coating and its effectiveness and durability is guaranteed for a long time!