Hi Tech & Clean Rooms

The State of Israel stands at record times in the number of working hours per week. The office/OPEN SPACE has become a place where we spend most of the day working in front of a computer and using the phone in closed places sometimes without the ability to open a window.

These shared work spaces are a breeding ground for the accumulation of bacteria and infections: several people in one space, sometimes irregular computer/phone use, inability to properly clean electronic equipment, turnover of people, etc.

Employers who wish to provide their employees with the best, most comfortable and healthiest work environment will be happy to hear that the Clean Bit company offers an efficient, environmentally friendly solution that does not cause corrosion damage and provides fast and effective disinfection.

For targeted disinfection, we offer the Stra-Mist technology, which has been tested and proven to be effective in destroying infections and dealing with the most difficult pollutants. The technology has been tested in independent laboratories and has also received the strict EPA and FDA approvals as an additional stamp for its high level of efficiency, without leaving any residue or damage. Work stations, computers, screens, keyboards, etc. can be disinfected.

To maintain an environment free of infections for a long time, 365 days, we recommend the Aegis antibacterial coating technology that provides 99.99% protection for a year!

The coating can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces and materials such as fabrics, surfaces, and polymers.