Public transportation

Public transportation provides a transportation solution for tens of thousands of people a day. Buses, trains and taxis become a source of transmission of infections by virtue of being ‘transit stations’ for the casual public. In addition, the Israeli weather causes a high accumulation of bacteria and molds on the passenger seats and the places of increased contact due to the high temperatures and high humidity in Israel.

The struggle of the transportation companies to provide an adequate response to their customers and to reduce contamination in the various types of transportation.

The Clean Bit company has the most advanced and effective disinfection solutions in the world for disinfecting surfaces, fabrics and electronic equipment without causing damage and with the highest efficiency.

For targeted disinfection, we offer the Stra-Mist technology, which has been tested and proven to be effective in destroying infections and dealing with the most difficult pollutants. The technology was tested in independent laboratories and also received the strict EPA and FDA approvals as an additional stamp for its high level of efficiency, without leaving any residue or damage to fabrics or electronic equipment.

To maintain an environment free of infections for a long time, 365 days, we recommend the Aegis antibacterial coating technology that provides 99.99% protection for a year!

The coating can be applied on a wide variety of types of surfaces and materials such as fabrics and metals found in the various means of transportation without fear of damaging the material, changing color or texture. The coating is attached to the intended object and remains durable for a year.

Many transportation companies around the world use this technology, such as the subway in New York, the train and aircraft company BOMBARDIER, MASS TRANSIT, the railway company of Canada, etc.